about us
We have but one goal. One mission. To bring art to the people.
Perks of Art is A retail shop featuring a modern makers market, coffee house, and wine bar. The mixed-use space will be a boutique artist collective, showcasing a variety of local artisan work ranging from fine art to handcrafted products.
The space will also boast a French Press Bar with locally roasted coffee, served in French Presses for sitting and enjoying the art, browsing, or taking to-go. Nightly wine service will fit well with local events, markets, and in-house art openings.
The space creates a modern venue for new and emerging artists to share and sell their work and a spot for locals and visitors alike to spend time and purchase handcrafted goods.
The artist collective is a rapidly expanding model of business designed to give artisans more autonomy in selling their work and making prices affordable for customers. Perks of Art will become the first artist market of its kind in Hillsboro.
Who are we?
After a decade of creating art for a fortune 5oo company i decided to take a stab at being an independent artist. after buiLDING up some works i tried my hand at a few markets with variable success. my wife and i kept thinking how great it would be if there was a shop where local artists could share their work, and not have to go through the jury process at galleries or have to mark up the works substantially to counteract the commission of stores.
If a piece of art is worth $40, then why should you have to mark it up to $80 to sell it and make a living?
So thats where we were...So we started thinking someone should create a space, much like an antique store, where artists could rent space to share their art and handcrafted goods.
Then we thought...Why not us? The great news is we have found the perfect space. it's modern and beautiful, and in the heart of the Hillsboro Arts district.