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When writing a narrative essay, many students tend to confuse and write a five paragraph essay. It, however, is wrong and here is what you need to know when writing a narrative article.

What A Narrative Essay Is; A Beginners Guide

A fictional article, quite common in college is written with the same structure as a five-paragraph essay yet it involves characters, happenings, and dialogues, not done in a five-paragraph article. To be able to understand how to write a narrative essay, imagine as being asked to write the unfolding of events or happenings that you know. Like writing a statement in a police station about what you saw. Only that you are now writing it in class.
Is a narrative essay a short story?
A narrative essay is not a short story. While a short story does not have any motives, a fictional piece has a clear aim. On the other hand a fictional bit has a structure, while during a short story; you write what you remember. Lastly, a short story does not end with a conclusion like a narrative essay but always leaves the reader with suspense. These are the critical difference between the two.

What Makes a Great Narrative Essay

To deliver the best composition here a few tips to make your article interesting, easy to read and earn you more marks in the long run too. Also your narrative essay structure should have;
Use of characters; using funny, well composed and contrasting characters will always ensure you make your story exciting and appealing to your reader. Do not overuse characters as the fewer, the easier to remember.
Theme; let the reader know you them in the beginning. Do not introduce many ideas as this is just a short essay and stick to it. Proposing different arguments is also very detrimental to your article. For example, suggesting marriage and divorce while not shoeing disapproval for one will do you great harm.
Plot; this is the setting of your college narrative essay. Make it simple to understand and let the reader know anytime you switch between sets. You can do this by letting the reader know where the character is, what they are thinking or writing it in their conversation.
Stylistic devices; these are another way to spice your essay up. Ensure you use irony, metaphors, and similes to make the reader immersed in your article. Also, do not use these devices excessively and avoid using clich├ęs. You can also try to give other people your essay, they can read and suggest stylistic devices too.
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